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Ohana Music Festival 3 Day Pass with Social Distortion, Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson and more


Sep 8, 2017 – 12:59 PM

25300 Dana Point Harbor Drive
Dana Point, CA 92629 Map

  • Social Distortion
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Jack Johnson
  • TV on the Radio
  • Pixies

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Social Distortion: In the late 1970s the first raw, sloppy, speeding guitar chords began to blare from the garages and backrooms of a Southern California suburb called Orange County. They echoed a sound forged in the preceding years in the seminal punk undergrounds of New York City and London. In 1979, 17-year old Mike Ness formed Social Distortion with drummer Casey Royer and brothers Rikk and Frank Agnew. The band’s world centered around Mike’s one-bedroom pad, dubbed “the black hole” (later immortalized by the The Adolescents with the song “Kids Of The Black Hole”), in a nondescript Fullerton, CA apartment complex.

After meeting Dennis Danell, whose brother worked in West Hollywood at The Starwood, (a club instrumental in the careers of Black Flag, The Germs, The Go-Gos and many more) Ness insisted Danell, who at the time didn’t play an instrument, join the band on bass. Royer and the Agnew’s soon split from the band and eventually formed The Adolescents. Local Los Angeles KROQ-FM deejay Rodney Bingenheimer embraced Orange County music, playing many bands from the scene on his Sunday night radio show. In 1981, Social Distortion released their first single, “Mainliner/Playpen,” on the Posh Boy label. Around the same time, Mike Ness developed a reputation as a brawler resulting in a chunk of his left ear being bitten off during a confrontation at the Cuckoo’s Nest bar. In 1982 Social Distortion embarked on their first cross-continental tour in a run down old school bus.

Joined by LA’s Youth Brigade and DC’s Minor Threat, the tour became the subject of the now legendary documentary “Another State of Mind.” Much madness ensued, due in no small part to Ness’s growing heroin habit. By late 1983, Social Distortion’s line up consisted of Mike Ness, Danell (now on rhythm guitar), bassist Brent Liles, and drummer Derek O’Brien. Their debut album Mommy’s Little Monster was released on the 13th Floor label and gained the band a national name in punk circles. By this point Ness’s heroin use had become a full-fledged addiction and resulted in Brent Liles and Derek O’Brien bailing out of the band in the middle of a New Year’s Eve 1983 show. After their departure Ness and Danell recruited John Maurer, another old school buddy from Fullerton to play bass and Christopher Reece, of the San Francisco band The Lewd, to play drums. This lineup weathered Social Distortion’s toughest years, as Ness struggled with addiction and the resulting series of jailings and detoxes. Somehow Ness is continued writing and managed to hold the band together. In 1985 they to began work on a new album.

It took a while to complete, but in 1988, Social Distortion emerged with Prison Bound, an album whose moving title track about a wasted life is one of the greatest songs ever to come out of Orange County. From this point Ness turned Social Distortion’s albums into an ongoing dialogue about impulsiveness, its consequences and the hard struggle to overcome. In addition to the early punk of The Ramones and The Clash, the band’s sound was culled equally from Ness’ love of roots music, specifically early country music greats like Hank Williams and the early blues recordings of the South such as Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Howlin’ Wolf. As Ness would later declare to Social Distortion audiences, “Without good black music, there would be no good white music.” The self-titled album Social Distortion followed in 1990.

It marked SD’s first release on a major label. The success of singles “Story Of My Life” and “Ball And Chain,” along with their remarkable cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire,” make the album Social Distortion’s first Gold record. The band is asked to join Neil Young on tour, beginning the process of bending punk expectation. In 1992 they released another new album, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. Lead by the blistering single “Bad Luck,” this album also goes Gold. Following the success of “Bad Luck” at radio, Social Distortion embarked on a co-headline tour with The Ramones. The band took an extended hiatus following the release of Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, and did not return to the studio until the fall of 1995. Earlier that year, Time Bomb Recordings re-issued Mommy’s Little Monster, Prison Bound, and released the singles compilation Mainliner (Wreckage From The Past).

In 1996 Social D returned with a new album, White Light White Heat White Trash. The lineup features a new drummer, Chuck Biscuits of Black Flag and D.O.A. fame. The album is a success atop radio favorites “I Was Wrong” and “When The Angels Sing.” The band sign up as one of the main draws of the 1997 Warped Tour and then record and release the live album Live At The Roxy in 1998. Cheating At Solitaire, Ness’s first solo recording was released by Mike Ness in 1999. The album is an homage to the classic country, blues, rockabilly, and folk that shaped him as a songwriter. Later that same year Ness released Under The Influences, a collection of cover tunes further showcasing his love of American roots music with songs written by legends Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, and Carl Perkins among others. On February 29, 2000, then 38-year old guitarist Dennis Danell died suddenly of heart failure. At the time Mike said “I am saddened beyond any possible form of expression. Dennis and I have been friends since boyhood, starting Social Distortion while we where in high school.” No stranger to adversity, Ness decided to continue with the band and in the Fall of 2000, Jonny “2 Bags” Wickersham (guitar) and Charlie Quintana (drums) joined Social Distortion. However it’s not until 2003 that this version of Social Distortion head into the studio to record a new album – the first full-length studio record in 7 years for the band that Ness formed as a 17-year old, and the first record without Dennis Danell. The result is Sex Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Upon the album’s completion SD’s longtime bassist John Maurer decided to leave the band. He is replaced by Brent Harding, a member of Ness’s solo touring band. The new album is well received nationwide, bolstered by the success of the single “Reach For The Sky.” Also released in 2004, a live DVD, Live in The Orange County, as well as the re-release of Another State of Mind, on DVD. In 2005, the band sells out a record six nights at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Social Distortion released Greatest Hits on June 26, 2007, their first-ever career spanning collection. The single “Far Behind” was recorded specifically for this compilation. In November 2007 the band embarked on another wildly successful West Coast concert tour, playing 44 sellouts, with more than 50,000 tickets sold.

Throughout 2008, Social Distortion took a hiatus and Ness got his solo band together for national touring. After ten amazing years behind the drum kit for Social Distortion, Charlie “Chalo” Quintana announced in April 2009 that he’s moving on to explore other musical opportunities. Charlie had this to say about his departure, “Playing with Social D for ten years was a good time in my life. I was lucky to play on two Social D records and the second solo album, and I am proud to have been part of the band. We hit some spectacular heights which I will never forget – adios amigos!” Filling Charlie’s big shoes is none other than Atom Willard. You’ve probably seen Atom wailing on the skins with Rocket From The Crypt, The Offspring, or his most recent band Angels & Airwaves. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome such a great talent and individual into the band.

Eddie Vedder: As one of the founding fathers of grunge rock, Eddie Vedder has a lot to live up to. He fronted one of the most successful rock bands of the '90s, Pearl Jam, and has now gone solo. In support of his sophomore solo album, Eddie Vedder tour dates have been scheduled on a national outing that will keep him performing throughout Summer, 2011.

Eddie Vedder's epic musical journey began in San Diego. After dropping out of high school, due to the difficulties of having to work and support himself, he moved to Chicago to be with family, earn his GED, and get back on his feet. He eventually moved back to San Diego where he recorded demos and worked as a security guard at a La Jolla hotel. He played with several local bands, one of which included future Rage Against the Machine drummer, Brad Wilks. His demo was passed along to a Seattle based band that was looking for a lead-singer in 1990. Vedder was recruited, and the new band "Pearl Jam" was signed to Epic Records in 1991. The recording sessions for their debut album, "Ten", proved to be magical and what was created there became one of the greatest albums of all time.

Pearl Jam found themselves on the forefront of grunge music. The album was nominated for Grammy Awards, it won four MTV Video Music Awards for the video "Jeremy", and it ranks #207 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. After an extensive concert schedule, Pearl Jam returned in 1993 with their sophomore set, "VS." which won them a Grammy for Best Rock Album and hit #1 on the Billboard 200. Pearl Jam was a national sensation, however, the pressures of fame took its toll on Vedder who preferred his privacy. Pearl Jam continued to record throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and have released a total of nine studio albums; their most recent album, "Backspacer", hit #1 on the Billboard 200 in 2009.

While the band remains together, Vedder has lent his talents to side projects and solo efforts. In 2007, he recorded a solo effort and soundtrack to the 2007 film, "Into the Wild". The release's lead off single, "Guaranteed," won the 2008 Golden Globe for best song. In light of the album's success, Eddie Vedder tour dates were scheduled, and the singer embarked on his first ever solo tour. Eddie Vedder's concert schedule included fourteen dates across the US and Canada.

Eddie Vedder is back with his highly anticipated sophomore album, "Ukulele Songs", which is set for release on May 30, 2011. Vedder famously prefers to resign from the spotlight, however, he has been an active member of the alternative rock community for the past twenty years. He has worked with everyone from Chris Cornell to Pete Townsend, and a performance by him validates almost any band, record, show, or festival. Eddie Vedder tour dates are scheduled nationally this Summer, 2011. He is one of modern rock's living legends and his performances are sincere and powerful. Use Eventful as your source for Eddie Vedder concert dates, tour schedule, and venue information.

Jack Johnson: Jack Johnson's blissful acoustics and surf-rock vocals have captivated an audience beyond the beaches of southern California. Johnson has been a staple on the summer tour scene since releasing his debut album in 2001 and this year is no different. Jack Johnson tour dates are currently scheduled internationally in support of his most recent album, To The Sea.

Johnson hails from the Big Island of Hawaii and was a professional surfer by his teens. His brief surfing career included a Quicksilver sponsorship and an invitation to the Pipeline Master's that ended with 150 stitches and a few missing teeth. With his surf career on hold, Johnson enrolled at the University of California - Santa Barbara where he graduated with a degree in film. He met his soulmate and future wife while at college and she serves as the inspiration to many of his songs.

After befriending recording artist G. Love, Johnson headed to the studio and the two created the track "Rodeo Clowns" for G. Love's album Philadelphonic. Johnson also put his film degree to good use and co-directed the surf documentary Thicker Than Water in 2000. He then recorded a demo that made its way to producer, J. P. Plunier, who produced his debut album Brushfire Fairytales in 2001. The album was a platinum success and it featured his signature song "Flake". Jack Johnson's concert schedule included a national tour and a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Johnson was quick to return with a follow-up, On and On, in 2003 which was recorded at his studio, The Mango Tree, in Hawaii. The album continued along with his acoustic-rock ready anthems and was another platinum hit. Johnson spent the rest of the decade recording and touring. He released In Between Dreams in 2005 which became his first #1 album on the Billboard 200 followed by Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George which also hit #1. Johnson's next album Sleep Through the Static reenlisted JP Plunier as producer and was recorded at a studio that used 100% solar energy. The album was released in 2008 and became his third #1 platinum album. Jack Johnson's concert schedule included a worldwide, and whirlwind tour, that played throughout the year. Live versions of his most popular songs were captured at certain Jack Johnson concert dates and were compiled for his first live album En Concert in 2009.

Jack Johnson released his latest hit album To the Sea in 2010 and it featured his biggest single to-date "You and Your Heart". Jack Johnson's concert schedule included another worldwide tour. This time around, all of the proceeds were to be donated to charity. While at a stop in Osaka, Japan in March, 2011; Johnson and his family were present during the deadly Tsunami that has crippled Japan. Johnson immediately donated $50,000 to the Tsunami Relief Fund and continues to generate awareness and donations for the families affected by the natural disaster. Johnson is an acoustic wunderkind, his infusion of fun melodies and social consciousness have made him not only a rockstar but a humanitarian. Jack Johnson tour dates are scheduled internationally throughout 2011. His live performances allow you to check out and leave your problems at the door, even if only for one awesome evening. Use Eventful as your source for Jack Johnson tour dates and concert schedule information.

TV on the Radio: With their unique blend of rock, electro-funk and a dash of soul, TV on Radio has released several critically acclaimed albums over the last decade. TV on the Radio tour dates and appearances have fans rockin' out to the smooth and funky stylings of the Brooklyn based multi-instrumental collection of artists. The TV on the Radio Tour 2011 is in support of their upcoming fifth album, Nine Types of Light, and has the band playing all over the country.

TV on Radio infuses classical instruments, such as the cello and violin, over well crafted synthesized beats that feature the quirky soul vocals of lead singer Tunde Adebimpe. The band formed in 2000 under Adebimpe and David Andrew Sitek's guidance and self-released the Radiohead referenced, "OK Calculator," in 2002. TV on the Radio quickly caught the attention of music execs and the band was signed to Chicago-based imprint Touch and Go Records to release their second album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. It was with the release of their third album, Return to Cookie Mountain, that the band received widespread critical acclaim. Reaching the top 50 of the Billboard 200 Album charts, the album was highly regarded by critics and fans alike. Rolling Stone heralded Return to Cookie Mountain as the fourth best release of 2006, with Spin Magazine naming it album of the year. In support of the album, TV on the Radio tour dates were scheduled throughout the US and featured a guest appearance by Academy Award winning musician and Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor.

TV on the Radio returned in 2008 with Dear Science and promoted the album with appearances on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and "Saturday Night Live." The album was instantly greeted with critical and commercial success, debuting just outside the top ten on The Billboard 200 Album charts. This time around, Rolling Stone magazine named it album of the year with Entertainment Weekly and MTV concurring. Instead of touring with the album, the band announced a year-long hiatus in 2009 to focus on individual side projects.

During this hiatus, the band kept busy in the studio and silently produced their fifth album, "Nine Types of Light," which will be released on April 12, 2011. Additionally, TV on the Radio tour dates were booked throughout North America. Fans who cannot wait to catch a TV on the Radio concert can download songs from their upcoming album off the band's official website. This punk/funk hip/rock band commands their audience to their feet and ensures a memorable experience. Use Eventful as your source for news on the TV on the Radio Tour 2011 and concert schedule updates.

Pixies: Alt-rock icons, Pixies, truly are a band ahead of their time, and proof that the eighties gave us more than just cheesy hair bands.

While never having achieved huge mainstream commercial success, Pixies have become legendary performers. The band formed when Joey Santiago and Black Francis shared a dorm room at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst in 1986. The duo soon recruited Kim Deal on bass and David Lovering on drums. What was created was nothing less than rock magic with the group paving the way for alt-rockers throughout the nineties. Following a concert at a local Boston venue, the band was noticed by a local music producer who persuaded the band to record their first EP, Come on Pilgrim, in 1987. Garnering attention from their touring schedule, the band continued to increase its small but loyal following and released their first LP in 1988. The album, Surfer Rosa, was released to critical acclaim and was eventfully certified gold by the RIAA. The album spawned Pixies playlist mainstays, "Gigantic," and the alt-classic "Where Is My Mind."

Following this success, Pixies booked tour dates as the supporting act for Throwing Muses on the European leg of their "Sex and Death Tour." Pixies would become heavily popular in the United Kingdom, and during this time they teamed up with UK producer Gil Norton who helmed their second LP, Doolittle. This time the band had a successful producer, an inflated recording budget, and the support of a major label (Elektra), which allowed the Pixies to emerge as mainstream rockers. The album spawned two top five singles on Billboard's Modern Rock survey and was certified platinum, becoming their highest selling album to date. Pixies concert schedule in support of Doolitle, brought the band towards the brink of exhaustion and heightened tensions between Kim Deal and Black Francis As the band mates drifted apart, they decided to put their creative energies towards side projects with Francis embarking on a solo tour and Deal forming The Breeders, who also proved to be rock pioneers.

The band regrouped in 1990 to record their third effort, Bossanova. The band toured extensively in support of the album, yet still found time to quickly record and release their fourth album, Trompe el Monde, in 1991. Both albums debuted relatively high on the Billboard 200 albums chart; however, they couldn't match the commercial success of their predecessors. Ultimately, under the burden of a hectic Pixies concert schedule and rising tensions amongst all band mates, they called it quits in 1993 and focused on side projects. Throughout the nineties, the band would be recalled as innovators in the alt-rock genre.

Amidst murmurings of a reunion throughout the music world, the band announced in 2004 that they were getting back together for a full-blown tour. Pixies booked tour dates as the headliners for The Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival in 2004. Pixies' concert schedule had the kings (and queen) of alt-rock touring the world. In sum, the Pixies Reunion Tour was a commercial success with the band selling approximately $14 million in tickets. Pixies continued to tour throughout the decade despite rarely recording any new material.

Don't miss out on the chance to catch the forerunners to garage rock, grunge, and emo: use Eventful as your source for Pixies tour dates and concert schedule updates.

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